For Children


Children’s activities

At St George’s Church & Community Space

Supporting and educating children is central to our mission. Our highest priority of all is to provide them with an environment that’s safe; you can read about our Safeguarding policy here. Read on to discover more about what we do.

Baby and Toddler Coffee Mornings

Our baby and toddler group meets on Wednesdays from 10-11:30 am.
All are welcome – mums, dads, nannies, grandparents, and carers.

Pooh Corner Kindergarten

St George’s also hosts a popular nursery school for children aged between 2 and 5. Further information is available on the Day Nurseries website.

Sunday School & Services


Sunday School at St George’s

Every Sunday morning 10am

Children are very welcome at St George’s. We have a range of programmes run by our families pastor, Margaret Houston.

We care about the spirituality of children and helping them to develop their faith.

For children who chose not to attend Sunday School, we offer a “Pray and Play” area for our younger members of the congregation (under 5s) in the main body of the church.

Ages 0-5
Prophets Group

Each session includes singing, a story, time for free play with our spiritually imaginative toys, an optional art activity, and prayer. Sometimes we have games or other physical activities.

We are lucky to have the team we do at St. George’s
— Parent

Ages 5-11
Apostles Group

Our goal is to nourish children's spirituality through imagination and storytelling.

Each lesson begins with prayers and a story. Our stories are told in a hands-on way including the use of Beulah Land Bible Stories, puppets, collections of objects, or books. We encourage open-ended wondering about the stories. We resist the temptation to spell out the moral lessons to be learned from them. Children also have time for free play, art, games, or reading.

Ages 11-18
Saints Group

Fortnightly Youth Group led by Clare Heard, our Licensed Lay Minister. We are currently using the Rob Bell DVDs as a way to stimulate our lively discussions.

I told my friends, ‘It’s not boring!’
— Youth Group Member, Age 13

Enquire about Sunday School

Please contact the Parish Office for further information on any of our Sunday School groups:

 Special Events for Children


Special Children’s Services and Events at St George’s and St John’s

 We have many special events throughout the year. These include:

  • Christmas Pageant. This is a dramatised service of lessons and carols, and takes up the whole Sunday 10 am service.

  • All-Age Services. We have six All-Age Eucharists a year, plus All-Age services during Holy Week

  • Pancake Party. Held every year on the night before Ash Wednesday.